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Home Inspections - For the Buyer

Are you looking to purchase a home?  Have you already found the home of your dreams? Don't make a costly mistake of missing hidden defects in a house.  


The primary purpose of a home inspection is to examine all of the components in a future home for safety, functionality, and condition. For the buyer, purchasing a home is an emotional process and very often it is hard to see past the decor, floor plan, or location. It makes sense to have a professional thoroughly investigate their largest investment.


Loppnow Home Inspections will perform a comprehensive and unbiased inspection while educating the home buyer so they can make an informed purchasing decision.


Our home inspections usually take 3 - 4 hours to complete, depending on the size of the home. Home buyers are encouraged to follow along during the inspection for a better understanding of the home they are about to purchase. A professional electronic report including photos will be distributed within 24 hours. Radon tests are also offered, with results available immediately after the 48 hour test is completed.


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